Traditional Buying Transactions

Selling Your Home for Cash to Sound Redevelopment

Closing Cost

2% or more None

Total Commission Fees

6-7% or more None

Earnest Money Deposit from Buyer

$500-$5,000 $10,000

Cleaning, Clearing All Items Out of Your Home, Inspections & Repairs

You’ll take care of all the cleaning and removal of your items. Inspections and repairs will be necessary, which can take weeks or months to negotiate. None needed. We buy houses as-is. Just pack up and move the items you want to keep and leave everything else to us.

Total Time to Sell (Average)

Hoarder homes often take several long months or even years to sell. As fast or slow as you need. It’s up to you!

Required Showings

Many! And you’ll have to clean the home and stage it before showing it to potential buyers. Just 1.

Closing Time

Negotiated by the buyer. You pick. We’re flexible to meet your timeline.


Can take up to 30 days for buyers to secure financing. No financing needed. We pay all cash.