About Sound Redevelopment

We have a simple philosophy:

“Sound Redevelopment purchases homes for cash in any condition, without any fees or inspections.”

Does your home need significant repairs? Do you need to settle an estate fast? Or do you just want to sell your home quickly without the hassles of a traditional sale? Sound Redevelopment can help. Our experienced Seattle homebuyers will visit your property, make an all-cash no-strings-attached offer, and complete the transaction on your schedule.

Passionate Seattle Homebuyers

Greg and Laura founded their first real estate company in Portland a little over a decade ago. Today, they specialize in buying homes for cash throughout the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest. They work hard to renovate and improve all homes they buy and are dedicated to improving the surrounding communities as well.

Greg and Laura look at every home they buy as an opportunity to get to know a new Seattle neighborhood and discover the area’s unique culture. Greg and Laura enjoy meeting neighbors and residents of the communities they purchase homes in.

They believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to buying and renovating homes. Some properties may require new bathrooms, a kitchen remodel, updated fixtures or fresh paint. In some cases they may even remodel a home from the ground up.

Every home is unique. Greg and Laura love the challenge that comes with starting a new project! If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact us online now.

Meet our Team

We’ve been buying, remodeling, and selling homes in the Pacific Northwest since 2008.

We love real estate and working closely with trusted contractors on our home renovation projects. We take a keen interest in real estate trends and identifying the next hot Seattle neighborhood.

Greg, Laure, and Ozzy

About Greg

Greg earned a degree with Honors from the University of Hawaii in 2006. After graduating, he moved to Portland and started his career by working as a property scout for other real estate investors. He quickly transitioned into renovating properties himself.

Greg loves working with sellers and dreaming up creative solutions to challenging problems. When he isn’t in the office or out on the job site, Greg enjoys basketball, road bicycling, and spending time with his family.

About Laura

Laura is also a graduate of the University of Hawaii and holds a Masters degree in Teaching from City University. After teaching middle school humanities for several years, Laura decided to focus all of her efforts on Columbia Redevelopment. She enjoys designing new floorplans to meet the needs of today’s families and selecting materials for the different types of houses they renovate.

Outside of the office she enjoys road biking, running, and traveling.

Greg and Lauran Perrin sitting with their dog Ozzy

About Jesse

Since 2015, Jesse has worked with Greg and Laura as an Acquisition Specialist. Jesse is passionate about helping clients structure real estate transactions and helping them get the most out of their homes. He also enjoys showing others how real estate can be a valuable investment vehicle. His previous experience include over 10 years working with clients around the world in the aviation industry.

Jesse earned an Economics degree from Washington State University and an MBA from Northeastern University, Jesse enjoys working with Seattle home sellers and is an excellent communicator. He truly enjoys providing great service to everyone who reaches out to Sound Redevelopment.

In his free time he is very active in the community and enjoys golfing and running.

About Ozzy

Ozzy is a Hungarian Vizsla. When he’s not running the office, he’s likely curled up under the covers or begging for a treat. His favorite pastimes are running with Laura and visiting the many dog parks around Seattle.

greg and laura perrin with their dog, ozzy

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We Buy Homes in Any Condition. As-Is, All-Cash, No Fees.