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We Offer Cash For Homes in Any Condition!

Have a hoarder home to sell? Sound Redevelopment wants to buy your house as-is!

Whether you’ve just inherited a messy home, have been using a home for storage, or have lived in your home for years, we want to buy your cluttered home and help you get a fresh start.

We’ve seen first-hand just how difficult it is to sell a hoarder house in Seattle. Our goal is to make your life easier and ensure that selling your cluttered home is a fast, hassle-free, and positive experience. Selling your hoarder home to Sound Redevelopment allows you to…

  • Leave behind any unwanted items or furniture (we’ll sort through these things and donate what we can)
  • Avoid the cost of making repairs
  • Skip the cleaning process entirely — we’ll take care of everything

We’re a local and family-owned business and are known for our fast, friendly, and trustworthy approach to buying hoarder homes in the Seattle area. Since starting our business in 2008, we’ve seen every type of hoarder home imaginable — nothing surprises us! You’ll never recieve any judgment from us on the state of your house. We’re only here to help.

“I sold my house to Sound Redevelopment in the spring of 2013. I found Greg & Laura to be honest and easy to work with. I had moved out of state and after a walk-through, Greg made an offer quickly and we closed soon after.

Sound Redevelopment made the home selling experience easy and pleasant.”

— Mark

Sell Your Seattle Hoarder Home to Us Today. As-is. All Cash. No Fees.

What to Expect: Our Stress-Free Process for Buying Hoarder Homes in Seattle

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Step 1: Let’s Chat

It all starts with a friendly phone call where we’ll aim to learn a bit more about your home and why you’re interested in selling for cash. We’ll give you some information about our process and answer any of your questions. If we sound like a good fit, we’ll make an appointment to take a look at your home.

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Step 2: Tour Your home

We’ll come out to your property and tour the home together. If you live out of town or feel uncomfortable being in the house while we’re there, we understand. We can work together to arrange a time to look at the home while you’re away.

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Step 3: Get An All-Cash Offer

We’ll send you an all cash home offer within 24 hours of our visit. If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll draft all necessary paperwork and help you understand next steps. One all your paperwork is complete, we’ll deposit $10,000 in earnest money with Fidelity National Title Co.

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Step 4: Decide on a Closing Date

The last step is to chose your closing date. This can be as soon as 2-3 days, but if you need more time to get your move organized, we can decide on a date that works best for you. When your closing day arrives, the title company will transfer the sales proceeds to your account.

Why Sell For Your Hoarder’s Home for Cash? Compare the Difference

Traditional Buying Transactions

Selling Your Home for Cash to Sound Redevelopment

Closing Cost

2% or more None

Total Commission Fees

6-7% or more None

Earnest Money Deposit from Buyer

$500-$5,000 $10,000

Cleaning, Clearing All Items Out of Your Home, Inspections & Repairs

You’ll take care of all the cleaning and removal of your items. Inspections and repairs will be necessary, which can take weeks or months to negotiate. None needed. We buy houses as-is. Just pack up and move the items you want to keep and leave everything else to us.

Total Time to Sell (Average)

Hoarder homes often take several long months or even years to sell. As fast or slow as you need. It’s up to you!

Required Showings

Many! And you’ll have to clean the home and stage it before showing it to potential buyers. Just 1.

Closing Time

Negotiated by the buyer. You pick. We’re flexible to meet your timeline.


Can take up to 30 days for buyers to secure financing. No financing needed. We pay all cash.

Meet Your Homebuyers

For over 10 years, Greg and Laura have been buying cluttered, messy homes in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest

We take pride in buying homes that need some extra TLC and work hard to breathe new life into these types of properties.

We buy cluttered home with the goal of improving not only improving the property but the the neighborhood’s value and aesthetic, too. Plus, we love helping the home seller get a fresh start!

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